Quality by Simplicity.

Good food doesn’t have to be complicated.

We love to keep it simple at Quisine, but we also love quality. That’s why you’ll only find recognizable dishes in our menu. Because good ingredients don’t need any frills.
That’s why our carpaccio is ‘just’ a very good carpaccio. Our shrimps in garlic are exactly like they’re supposed to be. Same goes for our cod, pasta, curry, burger and every single dish on our menu. No fuss, at Quisine. What you see is what you eat!

Because, let’s face it: a nice, tender meatball, the perfect gravy, nice mustard mayonnaise and quality bread for lunch: no need to overcomplicate a quality dish like that, right? Exactly. That also applies to the rest of our menu.

That’s what we mean by ‘Quality by Simplicity’. Delivering quality by keeping it simple. And just very tasty.

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See you at Q!

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